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Many of us may have heard io games even if we don’t play. In recent times, these games have been so popular around the world and there are millions of fans and addicts who play io games. So what made them so popular?

.io Games: It started as an ordinary idea in 2015 (or maybe earlier). Game developers began to publish their games on websites that ended in .io. It is one of the suffixes like .İST, .com, .pro, .org. However, it wasn’t thought like that. Many people regarded it as a kind of mobile app. So, a new trend started and more game creators published their games under these domains. Today, “io games” are in top rated games they are played by millions of players. We are aware of what gamers want. Because we are among them. So, we consider what you want. We hope you have pleasure while playing games on our website.

Created with considering the needs of gamers

It is good to see how game industry have been so popular in recent years. More games are being published day by day. The industry is so huge that people spend 90 billion dollars in a year. However, there are some cons. One of them is that some of the websites provide demo games. You play demo and you need to pay if you want to continue the game. On the other hand, some websites are full of advertisements. You need to wait these advertisements to be closed before you play the game. It is a waste of time. We are aware of these problems. We know that you want to have fun. So, we are happy to say that you are in the right place! No need to wait for long times or no need to pay for any game. All games are free and you can start a game in a short time. So let’s take a look what we have.

Free to play

As we said, we consider your needs. You want to play games at no cost. Considering this, we offer you free games on our website. We won’t ask any information about you or family. You can play games free without giving credit card information. On the other hand, many websites ask these details and that makes gamers lured. So, all our games are free to play. Think that how it would be to try any game for free. You can find any kind of io game including strategy, first person shooter, and more. As you are free to choose, you can try different kinds of games so that you can improve your skills, discover your abilities that you never knew before. Besides one of the biggest problems that gamers face is downloading a game. When you download a game, you need to wait it to be downloaded and also there will have to be enough memory to run it on your computer. You don’t need to download any of our games as you can play online. So, we consider memory of your computer just as we consider your budget. We offer you free time and free memory!

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