Build Royale is a new 2D fast and paced, survival concept war game. This game features similar to other popular games like, and Krunker In a multi-action shootout, you will be confronted by other players, with the sole aim of being the last surviving person.

By looting, you collect weapons and mines, and after mines you collect, you fight and shield yourself by building walls. If you want to win this game, you have to think fast and keep moving, and also note that the space is getting narrower at certain intervals and you need to move to the safe zone to get a seat. Good luck

How to play?
-E / F - Interaction with items and chests
-Left click - Shoot with gun
-Right click - aim or change weapon
-Q - Build mode for building walls
-Space - Jump over walls and other obstacles
-Shift - Running
-R - Reload your weapon
-Tab - View and manage your inventory
-M - View map

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