Fly UFO io

The game online turns the popular scenario inside out. Join the global invasion as an alien. From the invaders' side that’s different. Learn how to perform the smoothest abductions ever. Cause some panic as a part of the galactic threat.

How to play game
Earth is the location. Or, better to say, the battlefield. Scan the city streets in search of victims. Your spaceship is equipped to carry away humans and their stuff. When you see a target, direct your beam on it. Grow by absorbing more and more objects. Convert what you captured into energy. The bigger you get, the larger things you can drag. But don’t be too happy-go-lucky. Remain on guard, as you didn’t come alone. game free is multiplayer. Try to avoid beams bigger than yours. Otherwise, you become the prey. Defeat other players and make it to the leaders’ top.

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