Get ready for a brutal war game with Yohoho.io. In this pirate-themed life-and-death fight, you'll start as a simple 1st level character who doesn't know how to shake his sword. With time and experience, you will slowly start leveling. Each new level increases your character a bit and makes your sword more powerful. You can become stronger by collecting gold coins scattered on the map while fighting. Collect gold as much as you can and use it on a store screen that lets you personalize your character's looks as well as unlock beautiful things like weapons and pets.

YoHoHo.io How to Play?
To grow, you must collect the surrounding gold. You must kill other players to collect their loot more easily. You must survive longer to level your character and explore new islands. Get new characters along with your game friends to become more powerful. You can direct your character with the mouse and in addition you must press the left mouse button to attack other players.

Move - Mouse or W/A/S/D
Hit - LMB or Space


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